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Are we a home care agency?

Our personalized program is primarily focused on independent living at home. However, we can play the role of a home care agency for our clients. We pride ourselves in specialized home care coordination that includes: remote client monitoring, management of home care services, light chores and enhancement of quality of life and independence

How are you different from other caregiver/home care agencies?

Our culture of highest accountability largely depends on skilled workers who are both licensed and trained by our team of experts in Gerontology.  Our specialized team is committed to serve a population that is often marginalized by our broken, fragmented healthcare system.  Allow our board-certified geriatrician to better understand your needs at home. 

Do you coordinate care after each clinic visit? 

Absolutely! We can coordinate the care to make sure its saved in our HIPPA compliant medical software.

What will happen during a medical emergency?

Unless hospice/palliative care has been established, our team will call 911 and followed by a curtesy call to the family. All of our nurses are CPR trained. 

The option is also available to call their doctor or our Geriatrician on call 24/7

Is your program flexible?

Call our office to let us know how we can better serve your specific needs. Our focus is reducing costs, reduce caregiver burden/distress, keep the medical establishment accountable by coordinating care among different specialists. We will work with other agencies to coordinate the care by using our data cloud system designed personally by our Geriatrician and GeriEats specialty team. 

Do you offer training to caregivers?

All our staff are fully trained to think objectively and compassionately an environment that is often stressful. We screen for compassionate, sensitive and diligent caregivers All our employees are W2 with benefits and longterm career prospects with GeriEats. Must have one year of training before starting work with our clients. 

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